I want to fly like and eagle and why you should too

Richard Bagdonas
3 min readOct 13, 2019

And as I stood there in the kitchen listening to some music from the Steve Miller Band the song “Fly Like An Eagle” came on. I put away two tall glasses.

Time keeps on slipping into the future…

I washed off some forks.

I want to fly like an eagle to the sea. Fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me.

I wondered if I should put all of the forks into one cube in the cutlery caddie or if I should spread them out into other cubes just in case two touch and melt some cheese on the belly of the “big spoon” fork to become a single, hulk-like mega-fork.

I want to fly like an eagle ‘till I’m free. Oh Lord through the revolution

And there, while performing a perfect “round-robin fork [load] balancer” even though our housekeeper puts them all in one cube standing up I hate trying to grab their bases which is why I put them tine-down, Steve says the words that carried me into my office to sit down and write this post.

Feed the babies who don’t have enough to eat.

Shoe the children with no shoes on their feet.

House the people livin’ in the street. Oh, oh there’s a solution.

The answer was being grilled into our brains since the great year of 1976 when the song came out. We are the solution.

We should feed the babies, shoe the children, and house those that don’t have a place to live.

We should do this because we are the greatest country in the world and should be showing the leadership, determination, and drive to uplift everyone.

This November will mark the 20th time I have fed the homeless at Thanksgiving. And this year I have a few friends helping me: about 30,000 give or take a thousand. We are feeding 15% of the United States homeless population as Operation Turkey.

We have been feeding the babies who don’t have enough to eat and that is working well. I will always be a leader at Operation Turkey. Now it is time for me to unlock the next phase of the plan. As Steve said, we need to shoe the children with no shoes on their feet.

That is why I am announcing the next phase of my “eagle plan.” Operation Sole is the second of Steve’s three solutions. My new quest is to bring shoes to people with no shoes on their feet.

I am here to better our communities and I would love your help.

Next time you hear “tick-tock-tick doo doo doo-doo…” think about joining me in my quest to right the ship. Email me at richard@operationsole.com if you are ready to help me put this thing together.



Richard Bagdonas

Disruptor & Austin entrepreneur with 4 acquisitions and 2 exits to the public markets. Proud father, husband, and philanthropist. @richardbagdonas