How to soil yourself with the Boring Company’s #notaflamethrower

Yesterday was the day. The Boring Company #notaflamethrower arrived. It was nicely packaged with a check for $5 to cover the cost of the propane tank.

They were unable to send propane because of the shipping, but I really think it is to prevent someone from hooking it up and burning down their house.

I picked up a canister of propane, hooked it up, and let her rip. Holy cow this throws a big #notaflame! And before you say “wait! you shouldn’t do that inside!” you are right. I don’t recommend doing it indoors, but with our very large great room, and after checking the specs, I took the shot below from the safest place indoors.

Now my #notaflamethrower is going to be mounted on my wall and I go attend to my pants which need changing.

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