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  • Mark Begert

    Mark Begert

    so much to learn

  • Federico Galarraga

    Federico Galarraga

    CEO & Co-Founder Sigma Lion / ex-IBMer / Engineer / Serial Entrepreneur / Inventor / Athlete / Photographer / Guitarist / Spaniard & Venezuelan

  • Eric Aronson

    Eric Aronson

  • JeffLevine


    30 years of diverse experience founding start-ups, Krav Maga Expert, Author, Crossfit Training Centers, now mentoring scalable and lifestyle startups.

  • Sandeep Malik

    Sandeep Malik

    Developer, Big Data Architect

  • Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders

    Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history.

  • Travis Brodeen

    Travis Brodeen

  • Chris Palmisano

    Chris Palmisano

    COO at Rocket Dollar. Venture Partner, Mentor, Angel, Advisor, USMC Veteran.

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